Aries – June 2018 Astrology Prediction


Free prediction for June 2018 Monthly Aries or Mesh Rashi.



Transit of planet for the month of June 2018.

– 09-06 – 2018  Venus Cancer

– 10-06 – 2018  Mercury Gemini

– 15-06 – 2018  Sun Gemini

– 25-06 – 2018  Mercury Cancer

*Major transits are:

– Jupiter in Libra.

– Rahu in Cancer and Ketu in Capricorn.

– Saturn in Sagittarius.


Come June 2018 your excitement will be high. This with many new developments which will bring better results in your daily routine. The month will be specifically good for career and health. New initiatives will start showing positive results. Towards the second half of the month, you will be happy with many new achievements. Try to make the most of it now.


Career is one area which will add to your glory. You will find new opportunities coming your way easily. Many of your calculated risks will bring positive results. Again, if planning to entire in government service or giving any defence test to get selected, then you are sure to do well in the entire process. You will be in the limelight. Make sure you leave no stone unturned to remain competitive.

Some advice for those pursuing Profession. Please maintain a disciplined schedule as workload would be high.


Monetary wise, you will be happy with the financial gains. But yes, this will be seen only in the second half of the month. Since many of your investments will turn gainful. A relook into your portfolio will be helpful. Try to maximise that income which will enhance bank balance. If into business, then you should be careful of extending credit to new vendors or dealers. This will lead to a cash crunch in your business.

Love/Marriage and Romance:

The affection which your partner will share with you will make you soft towards them. Especially for married couples. Your partner will make every possible effort to start a new chapter in your life. Much of the differences will slowly settle down. Those dating their partner shall continue with their approach. Come next month you can propose and settle down with them permanently.


Wearing Red coral will be highly beneficial to you.

Dates to be caution:

7th, 8th and 9th June 2018

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Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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