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Expert in Astrology, Numerology, and Gemology


Occult science is an ancient science that has been provided for the well being of every Mankind. Hence, The Vedas of Hindu Script always considered Jyotish-Vidya as its eyes that can foresee and predict future events for the benefits of its genuine seeker.

Accordingly, the author has over a decade of experience in Vedic science namely: Astrology, Numerology, and Gemology.

You can write to me for any query before the consultation at, or if clear with your query, then proceed with the commercials through the link given below and provide me the details in the form below.

Commercials are separate for Numerology, Gemology and Vastu Shastra (this will be a pure handmade report that will be e-mailed to the subscriber). It would namely include


Horoscope consultation over Skype or Video conferencing

Complete consultation over Skype or Video Conferencing. Per horoscope commercial mentioned below. Time allotment will be 30 mins per horoscope. An addition of 15 mins will be extended in genuine cases or on request.




On Special cases, the author does provide Free Consultation. It would be purely at the Prerogative of the author.