Indian astrologers – International Callers


Dear all.

Welcome to International caller section

This section has been opened only for International Callers who have been constantly demanding a one to one over video conferencing.

I am pleased to bring the new offer.

How does it work?

The process is very simple. The caller has to book time slot after making the payment. He/She has to add Occultservice on their Facebook page or Google Video and use the Videoconference for the available time slot, allocated.

The caller has to provide the following details once the payment is made:

  • Date of Birth:
  • Time of Birth:
  • Place of Birth:
  • Present Location:

A  dedicated *25 minutes will be allocated to the caller. The caller can ask any question of their choice where astrology can help them.

[* IST will be given importance after Mutually agreeing to the time]

Be it

  • Health (self or family).
  • Career, Finance and Business.
  • Marriage and Progeny.
  • VISA application and Permanent Resisdancy status.
  • Prashna/ Horary.

In case of any other query, you are free to write to me and then bock the time slot.

Please do not ask for Birth time rectification (BTR) on the Caller Section. You can post the query but would have to avail the service separately and give some time for calculation. BTR is done only via Email service.

Rest assured, all the details provided by the International caller will be made confidential. ensures total privacy to the caller.

After the entire experience, the client would be asked to share a feedback via email.

Personal Consultation

Consultation over email or phone. This will be for 15 days. You can ask as many question as you can during these 15 days.


The above offer is Introductory.  All communication will be in English.

On special provision, the following languages can be conversed by the caller: Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi.