Jupiter transit 2018-2019 – From Libra to Scorpio Moon sign.

Transit of Jupiter on 12th October 2018 from Libra to Scorpio Moon sign till 5th November 2019.

Jupiter retrograde: 10th April 2019 and direct on 11th August 2019.


Jupiter’s transit is considered to be the most auspicious transit throughout the year. The transit of the planet takes places once in a year. On 12th October 2018, Lord Jupiter will transit from Libra or Tula Rashi to Scorpio or Vrischika rashi. The transit is expected to be till 5th November 2019. However, on 28th March 2019, lord Jupiter would take an advance transit to Sagittarius or Dhanu rashi from Scorpio of Vrischika rashi. Again, on 25th April 2019, Lord Jupiter will move back to Scorpio with Retrograde motion.

In this entire transit of Jupiter, let us check the effects of Lord Jupiter on all the twelve Moon signs.


Aries Moon sign:  Aries moon sign also known as Mesh rashi will see the transit of Jupiter moving to the eight houses from itself. This is not a very auspicious transit. Since Jupiter will make you delve into the secrets of others. Once you delve into the secrets, you may find it difficult to maintain them. Thus, reputation can be affected. Again, not a good time to get a favorable settlement of any disputes. Certain compromises are likely. Do not get disturbed or press for better returns. The outcome can turn adverse.

Remedy: Please Visit Nav-Graha temple every Thursday and offer Chana Mala. One can also visit Shiva temple on Mondays for better results.


Taurus Moon sign: Taurus Moon sign or Vrushaba rashi has been undergoing the wrath of Saturn in the 8th house. Lord Jupiter will move to the 7th house from your sign and shall aspect your sign straight. This will bring much relief. You will see all your stalled activities picking up. This will give you confidence. The time is highly auspicious to check out for a new job. Those who lost their job will find a new one. If business was sluggish, then this will pick up completely. Also, time is good for a nuptial knot.

Remedy: Applying turmeric powder or sandalwood blend on your forehead is an effective remedy to soothe Jupiter.


Gemini Moon sign: Gemini Moon sign or Mithuna rashi will see the transit of Jupiter moving to the 6th house form your sign. This will improve your courage. Though divine grace will be missing. So, Saturn from the 7th house will aspect your sign straight leading to Kantaka Shani. This will affect your confidence overall. Try to remain patient. Since time will be sluggish at times. Keep praying to your favorite deity.

Remedy: You should always clean nasal passage before commencing anything new. This will reduce the obstacles in your way.


Cancer Moon Sign: Cancer Moon sign or Karka rashi have been struggling with the transit of Rahu and Ketu for the past one year. This will be mitigated by the transit of Jupiter. Lord Jupiter’s 9th aspect will be on your sign. Progress will be high. In fact, those suffered from skin related or any other health problems, then the seriousness will mitigate. You will feel blessed and this will make you feel relieved. Time is highly auspicious to start anything new. You will surely succeed.

Remedy: Mix barley in Milk in a ratio of 1:4 and offer in running water. This will further aid the strength of lord Jupiter.


Leo Moon sign: Leo Moon sign or Sinha Rashi will see their time improving. Though lord Jupiter will not specifically bring anything auspicious, the 7th aspect of lord Jupiter in the career house will improve your achievements. A divine grace is expected. The other good part is that you can come across a spiritual guru or a guide in the form of Occult science expert. There will an improvement in your outlook and this will make you wiser.

Remedy: Wearing Gold ring or chain will improve career achievements throughout the transit of Jupiter.

Virgo Moon Sign: Virgo moon sign or Kanya rashi had a good run of divine grace throughout the past one year. Especially with Jupiter’s transit in the 2nd house from your sign. There was an increase in income and an ease prevailed in all facets of your life. Though this will now see a slight change, the outcome will not be totally negative. Jupiter moving to the Scorpio sign will improve your courage. There will gain through short travels. Though Saturn forming square in Sagittarius sign will lead to minor obstacles.

Remedy: Offer donations to poor’s outside a religious place. Lord Jupiter will enhance your gains by this.

Libra Moon sign: For Libra Moon sign or Tula rashi, the transit of Jupiter will be highly auspicious. Those looking for a suitable partner to get married will be blessed with one. There will be a new member in your family. This will aid your happiness. In fact, an increase in income is also seen through various sources. A sense of confidence is likely to improve. Much of the outcome will be as per your expectations. You will start believing in divine grace now.

Remedy: Offering gold to any religious or holy place will add your wealth. You will feel blessed by the divinity.

Scorpio Moon sign: Scorpio Moon sign or Vrischika rashi. Lord Jupiter will move to your sign. The next two years will bring much positivity in your life. You will feel blessed. There will be a rise in income and respect. Career will also pick up considerably. The last phase of sade sathi will now start subsiding. Though occasionally there will be problems, as you will easily overall the same. The only word of caution is, you can suffer from overweight. This will have an impact on your health. Especially joints.

Remedy: You can chant Purusha Sukta or visit Nav-Graha temple every Thursday to please lord, Jupiter.

Sagittarius Moon sign: Sagittarius Moon sign or Dhanu Rashi will see problems increasing. Especially with the transit of Jupiter in the 12th house form your sign and Saturn’s sade sathi being at its peak, you will feel dejected as the wrath of Saturn will be very high. Make sure you do the remedies rerecommended below with complete dedication. Though some relief will be felt when Jupiter will move to your sign around March and April 2019, this will be minimal in relief. Therefore, please remain in low profile.

Remedy: Visit Nav-Graha temple on Thursday’s and Saturday’s without missing anyone.

Capricorn Moon sign: Capricorn Moon sign or Makar rashi, have been suffering the wrath of Rahu and Ketu. Their transit along with the first phase of Sade sathi has reduced your auspices. But now, this is about to change. With Ketu just, a few months away from moving away from your sign, and Jupiter’s 5th aspect your sign directly, you will be very well blessed. Around this time. New opportunities will open doors. You will feel blessed. A rise of income is assured around this time.

Remedy: Fasting of Thursday’s will turn out to be beneficial. Jupiter will be very powerful on Thursday’s and he would be pleased with this.

Aquarius Moon sign: Aquarius Moon sign or Kumbha rashi will see the move of Jupiter to the 10th house from this sign. In fact, in the 10th house, Jupiter will enhance your career and actions. Many of your deeds will be channelized for prosperity. Self-respect and honor from the society and office are likely to improve your confidence. If your mother were suffering from any ailment, then they would be out of it completely. Though family life can take a back seat around this time.

Remedy: Donate Kabuli chana to the needy on Thursday’s. This will help you in all forms possible by lord Jupiter.

Pisces Moon sign: Pisces Moon sign or Meena rashi will see Jupiter moving to the house of luck. The transit of Jupiter will be the most auspicious transit for Pisces Moon sign. They would see all forms of gains during this time. Be it marriage, Progeny, change of location, especially to a foreign land, divine grace, or new job through friends and family circle etc., All this will bring luck to you. In fact, Jupiter in the 9th house from the Moon sign bring tremendous luck and you will stand to benefit around this time.

Remedy: Offer chana Mala to Lord Jupiter on Thursday’s.


[Disclimer: The above readings is based on Moon sign in general. For a specific consultation, one would have to check the Mahadasha, Antradasah, and transit of other planets. To know more on a specific query, readers can Contact the author for personal email or Skype consultation]


Author: Girish Vaithilingan

Content writer and Astro practitioner.....

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